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What we do

Our legal services are anchored on our signature “START Approach”. This allows us to be deliberate about our service offerings, maintaining a niche while remaining competitive in terms of value for money, delivery time and quality of work. 

Our “START Approach”

Start-up Legal Toolkits

Start-ups are one of our top priorities and thus we provide comprehensive legal services that help transform ideas into concrete business concepts, management, and continuous business outlook for Start-ups.

We are familiar with the opportunities and risks that new businesses face. And this knowledge and experience gives us a competitive edge in the design and implementation of legal solutions that support Start-ups in their growth and development.

Particularly, we provide services such as company registration, registration of intellectual property rights (IPs) and development of IP strategy, registration with statutory bodies, development of policies and manuals, drafting of founders/shareholders’ agreements, shares purchase agreements, convertible loan agreements, company constitution, non-disclosure agreements, employee contracts, service terms and conditions, sale and purchase agreements among others.

Business Advisory

Our team offers the best first-hand legal advisory service across selected industries. Our team’s combined experience of more than 50 years in entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, construction and construction management, property acquisition, mining, agribusiness, financial technology, new media, land acquisition and land-related issues and general business investments makes us the preferred advisory firm on how laws impact business operations.

We leverage our business understanding and legal knowledge to offer business advisory services in:

(i) company law,

(ii) corporate finance and commercial transactions,

(iii) contracts,

(iv) technology, fintech and new media,

(v) agribusiness

(vi) mining

(vii) energy and power, oil and gas, natural resources, and renewables including climate change

(viii) construction and construction management

(ix) land and property acquisition

(x) dispute resolutions and

(xi) general business investments

Also, we are qualified to perform functional roles required by law such as acting as Company Secretaries and Trustees. Further, our lawyers bring the balance of experience to any company’s board of directors, technical committees, research, and projects teams and thought leadership programs for any private or public-funded project/program.

We stand ready to offer our expertise in adherence to good corporate governance, learning and development of businesses.

Transactions - Commercial

We have experience in the conduct of;

(i) due diligence,

(ii) negotiations and

(iii) drafting of various contract/commercial agreements and instruments.

We seek out for our clients’ best interest in all our transactional assignments. And we’re still in business because we’ve consistently negotiated and crafted commercial solutions that advance our clients’ interest and provided against immediate and future risk(s) to their business interests.

We think-ahead and anticipate all opportunities and risks. This enables us to provide innovative legal solutions that are timeless.

Regulatory Compliance

We lead by example and are in compliance with all regulatory demands of our practice.

We provide services that help our clients to develop and maintain a checklist of various regulatory compliance requirements as they pertain to their industry of operations.

Our regulatory compliance service provision follows our clear understandings of the regulatory requirements on companies and how to meet them in the most cost-effective ways while minimising disruptions business operations. Our simplified and user-friendly regulatory compliance tool kits ensure businesses reap the full benefits of regulatory compliance for sustained operations, operational competitiveness, and the attraction of investments from both private and public investors.

Our expertise covers company management, compliance, tax, social security, labour, utilities, district, and metropolitan assemblies, permits and licenses, patents and trademarks, regulatory approvals among others.

Training & Capacity Building

We are passionate about education, so we created our signature “Law for Entrepreneurs” Capacity-Building program to support our clients.

We leverage our 7 unique training modules to

(i) build founders’/business managers’ understanding of the legal framework for businesses,

(ii) enhance their skill sets for managing businesses, and

(iii) help them develop unique legal compliance checklists.

Our training strategy is to always undertake a rigorous diagnosis of clients’ businesses in order to inform our training plan, which provides immediate legal capacity while building legal resources for future business demands.

We undertake training for all levels of staff and work with both private and public enterprises.

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