Sustineri Attorneys PRUC

About Us

We are different, and your preferred partner for growth.

We are Ghana’s foremost Start-up focused law firm, committed to providing differentiated legal services by leveraging our experience as proven entrepreneurs, business managers, and business lawyers - allowing us to think like entrepreneurs, business owners and managers in the design of legal solutions.

As a team of young legal practitioners, SUSTINERI ATTORNEYS PRUC takes pride in acting with integrity, avoiding conflicts, and working with clients to design innovative legal solutions that meet their specific needs.

At SUSTINERI ATTORNEYS PRUC, every client’s brief is an opportunity to use our sound understanding of Ghana’s business, commercial and legal environment, professional experience, and sound commercial knowledge to provide solutions that do not only address immediate legal needs but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities.

Our pride as Ghana’s foremost Start-up focused law firm stems not only from our belief in the ideas of many young people but also from the difference our network of resources and experience can make when working closely with founders/entrepreneurs. To this end, we operate a 24-hour policy urging our clients to reach out to us at any time and on any issue.

We strive for excellence, ensuring that our solutions provide sustainable paths for our clients’ businesses by adopting a common-sense and practical approach in our value-added legal service delivery – and employing our problem-solving skills.

Our goal is to help businesses to become commercially sound and viable, as well as regulatory compliant, by engaging in beneficial transactions to promote their business competitiveness for sustained operations and investments.

And as our name implies, our top priority is to always use legal means to promote the sustainability (long-term viability) of our clients’ businesses.

We are different, and the preferred partner for growth.

Our purpose is to keep our client’s business operational.